How It All Began

OK, I hereby challenge the twitterverse to a cupcake contest … who’s in?!

– Tweeted on 7/26/09 by @HbgFoodandWine

One day on Twitter, @HbgFoodandWine‘s friend, @jbairy, was tweeting about some yummy cupcakes that she was eating. Mutual tweep, @bostella, chimed in and soon started bragging about how he could bake better cupcakes than the both of them. @HbgFoodandWine smelled a challenge, and the seed was planted for a a community cupcake contest and tasting event to benefit the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank.

After some twelp on names for the event, the twitterverse voted in @KatyHaltertop‘s suggestion of the “Cupcake Cup.” That’s how the first-ever Harrisburg Cupcake Cup was born in 2009.

Erica Reed, the event founder and organizer, welcomes both cupcake contestants and fans to this annual celebration!


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